The Happy Travelers “Wine-and-Weed Only” Tour™ includes:

  • Swag Bag with:
    • A ‘Bud’ Grinder
    • A Refrigerator Magnet

The Happy Travelers Tours “Wine-and-Weed Only” Tour™ takes our Guests on an exploration of the convergence of Wine and Cannabis. On this unique Tour, we will taste and sample wine and cannabis, get your hands on marijuana (and help you try to roll a “joint”), enjoy a box lunch and enjoy breathtaking views of the Valley of the Moon.

Taste Wine! Sample Cannabis! Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Northern California’s Wine-and-Weed Country and become a Happy Traveler!

We depart Sonoma Square at 10:30 AM and return at 3:30.

When we arrive at our Mountain Top Grow Site we:

Participate in a conversation with our Cultivator where you can ask any question you have about growing cannabis.

Engage in our “Sip-and-Sniff” Experience where we:

  • Taste a Zinfandel, Cabernet or Grenache
  • Smell and Sniff three different types of Cannabis “Buds”:
    • an Indica dominant hybrid
    • a Sativa dominant hybrid
    • various CBD flower strains

Our “Cannabis Camp” Experience® includes:

  • Our “Trimming Experience”® – this is where Guests can Trim a Bud and then try to process it for rolling into a “joint”
  • We also enjoy a Curated “Bud-tender” Hosted Cannabis Tasting and Purchasing
  • Our Guests are welcome to consume cannabis once they’ve purchased products from our Licensed Retailer
  • Guest are not required or obligated to consume or purchase any products on the Tour
  • Please note:
    • Box Lunch is Included in the Tour Fee
    • Cannabis Purchases are Not Included in the Tour Fee.
    • Itinerary Activities Subject to Change without Notice

Safe, Legal and Insured.

  • Our Grow Site partner is a reputable Grower who is registered with the County of Sonoma
  • Our tours are 100% legal. Every site we visit is approved to operate under California law
  • Our business is required to carry Liability Insurance

We recommend having some cash on hand as gratuities are not included and you  might find yourself inclined to provide a gratuity at the end of the day!

Our knowledgeable hard-working cannabis tour guides and drivers are always extremely grateful for any “appreciation” shown for their efforts in making your day memorable and fun!

We recommend 15% – 20%; any amount is always appreciated.

As mentioned in the “What Should I Bring for the Cannabis Tour” FAQ below, some of our Partners don’t allow photography. At those locations, we have a “shut off and collect” policy where we ask our Guests to turn off their phones and place them in our “phone basket” for the duration of that itinerary stop.

This is a mandatory policy and we appreciate your understanding.

No! Happy Travelers Tours is a Tour Provider. As part of our Tour we stop at legal retail dispensaries or we have licensed mobile retailers meet us, however, we don’t sell cannabis!

Per California state law governing the use, possession and consumption of recreational cannabis; you must be 21 years or older to participate in our tours and experiences. No exceptions.

Yes. According to California state law, you must 21 years or older to possess and purchase cannabis. Every guest must have their valid government-issued photo ID on them at all times throughout our cannabis tours and experiences.

You have 72 hours from the time of booking to cancel or make changes to your reservation for any reason. Cancellations made within the 72-hour time frame are eligible for a full refund of the ticket price and any applicable taxes.

The weather in Northern California can be unpredictable. We advise layers of clothing and comfortable shoes. We stop at outdoor sites, as well as at enclosed buildings.

Please be aware: on some of our Tours we will be walking in Rattlesnake and Poison Oak country, so, appropriate clothing and footwear is strongly recommended.

Please Bring:

  • Your valid govt issued photo ID,
  • a camera, and
  • cash for cannabis purchases and gratuities

Please note that some of our tour partners do NOT allow photography, and some only accept cash for purchases. We always respect their wishes and requests.

We depart from the Historic Sonoma Plaza, in the City of Sonoma, in Beautiful Sonoma County, the Heart of Wine (and Weed) Country. Please refer to your purchase confirmation email for the exact departure location, time, and details of your tour.

  • Consuming cannabis in public is illegal in California. On some of our tours, there are opportunities to consume (if desired) in designated compliant areas, which are consistent with California law (i.e. a consumption lounge or any private property).
  • Consumption is NEVER the primary focus of our tours. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable experience that educates about the cannabis plant, and shares the cannabis history and culture of Northern California.

Yes. In the state of California, you are legally allowed to purchase cannabis products directly from a licensed cannabis retailer. If you decide to purchase cannabis product while on tour, you must stay within the legal possession limits of California.

Yes, absolutely. Your safety and comfort is our top priority. Our drivers are credentialed, experienced, safety-minded and subject to routine drug testing.

You’re free to carry up to the personal legal limit of pot on you at any time. But if you plan to purchase cannabis product along the Tour, you may want to consider leaving your stash at home.

In California, the legal limit is one (1) ounce of processed buds or 8 grams of cannabis concentrates.

When we get back to the Sonoma Square, your Happy Travelers Tour experience is not over!

  • There are many dining and drinking options on and around the Sonoma Plaza and we’re more than happy to recommend or make reservations for you and your party.
  • Whatever you decide to do, at the end of the day, we guarantee you will all be Happy Travelers!

If you’re planning a Vacation to Wine Country, consider downloading a copy of our Ultimate Cannabis Vacation Planning Guide and turn your trip into a Wine-and-Weed Country Vacation!

We require evidence of Covid-19 Vaccination prior to boarding for all of our Tours. Please bring your Vaccination Card!