Weed & Wine Tour $199/Person

Join us for an immersive experience and get up-close-and-personal with Cannabis Plants. Day Trip or Overnight, it's up to you!

Are you ‘Canna-Curious’?®

Join us as we roll up the beautiful Sonoma or Napa Valley on our way to our Cannabis Farm. Spend the day walking around a cannabis grow, getting up-close-and-personal with cannabis plants and getting educated about Cannabis.

Or, book an overnight and enjoy a BBQ meal and an evening with the Growers!

As we say: Come for the Cannabis, Stay for the Views!

The 2021 Season is Open and you can Book your Tour Now!

What You'll Experience

When we arrive at our grow site we will enjoy several Experiences and Activities*, including:

  • Talk with a Master Grower and see the plants.
  • Our “Sip-and-Sniff” Experience where we taste wine and compare cannabis flowers, looking for the similarities in aroma and complexity.
  • Catered Meal
  • Have fun at our “Cannabis Camp”, with our “Trimming Experience” where our Guests learn to manicure a bud, process it for rolling and then try to roll a “joint.”

*Itineraries, Locations and Transportation Equipment subject to change without notice

Tour Add Ons

Have your Bachelorette Party at the Grow, or, have your rehearsal dinner at the Grow, it’s up to you!

Add-Ons (when available or by appointment):

Cake (not Infused)$40 per item6 to 8
Champagne$30 per bottle2 to 4
CBD infused Sparkling Water (Lemon Flavor) 12 oz$5 per can1 to 2
Garden Salad with CBD Infused dressing$25 per item2 to 4
Focaccia Bread with CBD infused balsamic vinegar and/or oil (for dipping)$25 per item4 to 6

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