The Happy Travelers Tours “Wine-and-Weed” Tour™ takes our Guests on an exploration of the convergence of Vineyards and Cannabis. On this unique Tour, we will taste and sample wine and cannabis, get your hands on marijuana (and help you try to roll a “joint”), enjoy a pizza lunch and visit two different Premium Wineries in the Valley of the Moon.

Wine and Weed Tour

Taste Wine! Sample Cannabis! Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Northern California’s Wine-and-Weed Country and become a Happy Traveler!

We depart Sonoma Square at 10:30 AM and return at 3:30. We’re using an 10 Passenger Partitioned bus with Lounge Style seating so we are able to:

Hold our “Sip and Smell”™ Event in route to our first stop where we:

  • Taste a Rose or Zin
  • Smell and Sniff three different types of Cannabis “Buds”:
    • an Indica
    • a Hybrid
    • a Sativa

Our “Cannabis Camp” Experience® includes:

  • Our “Trim-Immgrant Experience”® – this is where Guests can Trim a Bud and then try to process it for rolling into a “joint”
  • At this stop we also enjoy a Curated “Bud-tender” Hosted Cannabis Tasting and Purchasing
  • Our Guests are welcome to Vape in the bus once they’ve purchased products from our Licensed Retailer, however bud smoking will only occur at the Cultivation Site
  • Guest are not required or obligated to consume or purchase any products on the Tour