When looking for 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women (and Men) it’s best to think less about the number and more about how to create lasting memories. A 40th Birthday party is no small thing and we thought we’d share some ideas, some cannabis-centric, which we found online.

CBD-Infused ‘High’ Tea for the Birthday Girl!

Are you ready for the most memorable Birthday Experience ever? What would be more fun than High Tea with your Besties? Enjoy the Happy Travelers Tours High Tea Experience!

The High Tea Experience includes:

  • A “sweet and savory” Treat Tower filled with a 3 Course Menu of yummy CBD-infused treats and non-infused treats from our Catering Chef
  • 3 Distinct CBD-infused loose-leaf Teas, brewed Table-side in traditional British Tea Service Style

The Best Part? We Come to You! If you’re staying in the Sonoma Valley, Happy Travelers Tours will bring our High Tea Experience to your accommodations for you and your Group to enjoy! Here’s more information: Happy Travelers Tours High Tea Experience

Nostalgia Party and Other Party Activities

Nostalgia Time! It’s easy: what year did you graduate from High School? There’s your Theme! Do you still have those leather pants in the closet from back in your rager days?

  • Take the Ladies Bowling! Yup: seems … silly, right? But, then again, it’s a blast and you can make it YOURS! Why not try Glam Night Bowling? Yeah, you have to trade in your Steve Madden’s for a pair of bowling shoes, but, it’s only for a while and then, when you’re done, you can slip those FMP’s back on and head to the bar!
  • Casino Night! Grab some cash: enjoy the gambling games and also good music and food. Having a birthday party at a casino would be a terrific 40th birthday celebration idea for her and surely it is going to be a memorable time for the gang.
  • Rock Out! Take earplugs if you need to and head on out to a local club to kick up your heels and get your rock on! Every community has live music somewhere nearby and there’s nothing like enjoying a favorite tune with your besties!
  • Cannabis Dinner is served! In some states, you can have a catered cannabis infused meal prepared and served in the comfort of your own home. By infusing CBD into food, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable without the affects of THC.

Sexy Things

  • Gentlemen, if you’re reading this, remember this: your wife (sweetie, partner, ‘old lady’) would LOVE to rekindle the romance and celebrating her uniqueness by sweeping her off her feet for her 40th is a sure winner. So, open the wallet, pull a suit out of the closet and make the reservation at HER favorite restaurant. And, remember: keep your eyes on her, not your server.
  • Shopping Spree. This will also require the opening of a wallet, however, take your Sweetie shopping! Now, regarding the “sexy things” title of this section, gentlemen, please remember this: what SHE thinks is sexy isn’t the same as what YOU think is sexy and you should just smile and say “yes” when she asks if you like it! After all, it’s HER birthday!

Cannabis Tours

  • When you’re done the wine tour thing and you have seen every winery in the area you might consider the newest big thing: a cannabis tour! Yup, if you’re in Colorado, Oregon, Washington or California you too can enjoy the most unique and unusual experience you’ll ever have, a Cannabis Tour! In general, there are several types of Tours available:
  • Party Busses

The idea is pretty simple: bring some stash and your favorite smoking device and get on board the bus as you head out to visit a winery or brewery ripping one bong load after another.

Note: California Law has recently changed and now prohibits the consumption of cannabis in limo’s and busses while in motion.

  • Designated Drivers

These types of tours also focus on consumption and provide for a safe way to travel from one dispensary to another. Depending on where your tour is, you might be able to consume while on Tour.

  • Educational Tours

With an educational tour, you’ll find an emphasis on learning about cannabis, cannabis culture and why people consume cannabis. Many educational tours provide for some consumption, again, based on which state your Tour is in.

Come See 1,200 Cannabis Plants

One of the Best 40th Birthday Ideas we offer is our MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour where we can get you and your besties up-close-and-personal with 1,200 cannabis plants! You and your party will learn about cannabis, enjoy our Sip-and-Sniff Experience, see Cannabis Plants and enjoy breathtaking views!

Let’s Make it Happen!

Happy Travelers Tours offers educational tours which put our Guests up-close-and-personal with Cannabis Plants. We also offer catered meals, Romantic Excursions and Bachelorette Parties!

For more information about Happy Travelers Tours, please check out our Tour Menu as well as our Booking page! If you have questions, please call 707-386-9859 or send an email to: [email protected]