In the age of high-tech smoking and pre-rolled goods, rolling your own joints is still a convenient skill to have in a pinch. It might be considered outdated, but it’s all part of a ritual and experience. And it starts with the best rolling papers!

For Beginners:

Curved® Papers

Using Curved® Papers, anyone can roll a perfect joint! It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to learn or you’ve been rolling your own for years. The Best Rolling Papers

Curved® Papers feature the easy to roll curved edge. The company uses only the finest French cigarette rolling paper to provide a beautiful burn.

For Stylish Smokers:

Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan is proudly Vegan, GMO Free, and Chlorine Free.

The Best Rolling PapersTheir world famous Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers are made in France using premium materials that deliver a slow burn with absolutely no aftertaste. Instead of using hemp or rice paper, which can impart unwanted flavors and smells onto your smoking material, Blazy Susan uses wood pulp so that joints taste and smell the way they should. Blazy Susan Rolling Papers are also extremely tough compared to normal rolling papers. You won’t have to deal with nearly as many rips, tears, or holes poking through your papers.


For Classic Consumers:


Since the beginning, RAW has been on a mission to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. RAW continues to revolutionize the smoking world by creating products that are naturally ingeniously designed to enhance the smoking experience.The Best Rolling Papers

RAW only makes high-quality & earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience, and we refuse to ever change what we stand for. RAW paper is made from natural plants with zero burn additives.

For Those with Expensive Tastes:


The Best Rolling PapersFashioned as the epitome of luxury rolling paper, Shine 24k gold rolling papers have been handcrafted from a meticulous blend of edible gold and hemp based paper, to make one of the smoothest burning rolling papers on the market. Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow, due to their high quality materials.

What’s Next?

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