Are you looking for an introduction to California Cannabis Culture?

What better way than to enjoy a California weed tour or 420 friendly hotels? California has recently legalized marijuana. Now, the legal cannabis industry in California does not have to be a secret to you any longer! Join us as we look at California’s new legal cannabis industry with our “Weed-and-Wine” Tour. happy travelers weed cannabis tours

With regard to 420 friendly Hotels, smoking indoors is pretty much off the table everywhere in California, so if you want to celebrate recreational marijuana legalization in the Golden State, make sure you book a cannabis friendly hotel room with a balcony—just don’t tell anyone we told you.

Other 420 friendly places to stay besides hotels are AirBnB’s and Resorts. Smoking marijuana is legal on private property; sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Whether you’re looking for a Party Bus Tours, Wine Tours or Educational Cannabis Tours, the options in California keep growing! Check out Happy Travelers Tours here!