Are you Canna-Curious?

Do you want to know more about recreational (or medical) marijuana but don’t know what questions to ask or who to talk to? Get the answers to your Canna-Curious questions about: smoking, vaping, eating, drinking or applying weed or CBD.

Are you Canna-Curious
Are you Canna-Curious

Are you visiting (or do you live in) California? Join Happy Travelers Tours as we explore California’s Track and Trace system with on of our Educational Tours!

We review three key nodes of the state’s system: Cultivation, Manufacturing and Retail all in one Tour! Our Guests get their Cannabis questions answered by experts, and, when the day is done, you’ll be able to use your knowledge of marijuana to make purchases of the products you want to consumer: buds, vaping oils, edibles, drinks and topical creams.

Get Information from Professionals

While on Tour we will have conversations with cultivators who have grown both indoor and sun grown cannabis, Retailers with experience in providing both medicinal and recreational cannabis recommendations and Guides who will explain the in’s and out’s of California Cannabis Culture and the impact legalization has had.

Are you Canna-Curious
Are you canna-curious exhale

Our Tour Guides are experienced with all forms of cannabis consumption.

We understand first time users can have a variety of experiences, especially if they eat too many consumables! By learning about the entire marijuana production process, our Guests are better informed, make better choices and have better first time experiences as they explore their cannabis desires! Not only that, it’s FUN to explore being Canna-Curious with a group of friends, or even a bunch of strangers who will become your friends!

So if you are Canna-Curious Book a Tour today! Come find out the answers to your questions with Happy Travelers Tours … yes, it’s OK to Exhale!