In response to Proposition 64, the increase in cannabis use and businesses has been a hot topic. It seems like every other week you hear about someone new making millions from the cannabis industry. But for those of us who are a little less entrepreneurial, but still interested in learning more about cannabis (weed, marijuana, ganja, etc.) there has been a rise in cannabis tourism.

Now, this idea is not entirely original, with cannabis tours having been around in Oregon, Colorado, and other places worldwide. However, in California, cannabis tourism is a brand new experience that residents and tourists can start to take advantage of. These tours provide you with a complete educational experience in the growing, farming and consumption of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

California Cannabis Tours: An Education on Marijuana

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a little PSA. Cannabis tours are not just about legal consumption. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to try recreational and medicinal marijuana in its different forms. But the tour experience is about learning about the various stages of cannabis production and its benefits to society. It’s the best way to learn about cannabis and its uses, as it provides a low-pressure environment with experts in the field of marijuana. So, if you’re signing up for a tour thinking you’re just going to get baked on a bus and watch Inception, then you have another thing coming.

What Do You Do On a Cannabis Tour?

Cannabis Farm Tour of California

rise in cannabis tourism

As part of the general educational experience, you start on the farm where cannabis is grown. The farms vary by the tour you’re on. There, you learn all about the planting, breeding, harvesting and farming process.

If you’re a frequent cannabis tourist and have visited farms in Oregon and Colorado, you may find it super interesting to learn about how the different soils and climates affect the quality and strains of cannabis.

However, for folks just learning about cannabis, you’ll really enjoy learning about the process that cannabis goes through before it’s ready to be consumed.

Cannabis Testing and Distribution

rise in cannabis tourismCannabis, in all its forms, needs to undergo a plethora of testing before it’s released to the general public for recreational or medicinal use. Depending on the tour you may or may not learn about this. I think it’s an increasingly interesting topic as you learn about what scientists in lab coats look for when testing cannabis.

Are they testing for pesticides, potency, or overall quality? You’ll have to sign up for a tour to find out.

Packing and Distribution is another fun area of cannabis to learn about. After cannabis is tested, it’s then packed and distributed so that it can be sold at the retail locations and dispensaries.

Do You Get to Consume Cannabis On the Tour?

Short answer, yes. Every tour will provide different designated areas where it is safe and legal to consume cannabis in its various forms. Keep in mind, there have been stories about cannabis newbies who have had a little “too much fun” on the Colorado cannabis tours, but those moments are rare. Most new users and recreational users on the tour are careful with their intake and the tour guides do provide care, munchies, and different oils and tinctures to help you “come down.”

If you wanted to try cannabis in its different forms for your first time, then consuming it on a cannabis tour where you’re supervised and guided by an expert is one of the best places to start. They’re able to help guide you, provide all of the necessary snacks, and even tell you about the effects of consuming it in different ways.