Per our good friends at Yelp, there are at least 53 Breweries, Brew Pubs or Micro Breweries in Sonoma County, Napa County and Marin County. 53 places where Beer is King. Which means Marijuana is Queen! And it means Brewery Tours, along with Wine Tours, are a thing!

Beer and Weed!

Sonoma County Beer is a rising star on the North Coast with breweries from Lagunitas to Russian River Brewing Company being a couple of notables. So, what happens when a bunch of folks have been drinking beer on a beautiful Sonoma County day? Well, if they’re like so many people we know, they step ‘outside’ and have a smoke. And, sometimes they’re smoking weed.

Stoned? You bet. Whether it was all the good Pale Ale or the outstanding Indica (or Sativa), an afternoon of touring Breweries often ends up with people being stoned, so, what happens then?

Beer, Food and Weed – the perfect trifecta! What could be better than an afternoon filled with drinking good brews, eating great food and enjoying a hit or two of Sonoma County’s finest locally grown ganja. happy travelers weed cannabis tours

So, how do you enjoy all this safely? Get yourself on a Tour! Beer, Wine and Weed tours are available through Happy Travelers Tours. To take a #HTTTour just give us a call! 707-386-9859. Or Book Now!