Fun Things to Do While High With Friends

Please enjoy our post on fun things to do while high with friends (or by yourself!).

Things to do while with friends at home

Let’s think about things to do around the house when you’re having a Pot Party!

  • Obviously, if you’re going to have your friends over to smoke weed you will need to have some munchies available for folks to snack on.
  • Or, you could make food preparation and consumption the whole focus of what you’re doing! There is nothing quite like preparing a meal with friends while you’re smoking cannabis, drinking some wine (or whatever your preferred beverage is) and then eating the meal. Lot’s of fun!
  • Of course, you could also choose to smoke some couch-lock and end up either binge watching movies or a streaming series or gearing up and getting into some gaming with your crew. Definitely a good time when stoned.
  • Then, there are Board Games. Or, gasp, modified Drinking Games (take a bong hit instead of a shot for example). When you sit down and think about it, there’s a ton of things to do at home when stoned with friends!
  • And, it seems reasonable to mention that having sex when stoned is a blast; so, grab your sweetie, rip a load and get your freak on (in the privacy of your home, please)!

Things to do while high with friends outdoors

So, you’ve decided on a Weed Tour and you’re wondering: what are some fun things to do while high with friends. Well, at Happy Travelers Tours, we’ve got exactly the answer to that question!

  • First, there's our Seasonal Wine-and-Weed Tour which runs from April through November. This Tour takes guests on an adventure where we learn about cannabis, compare wine and weed and visit a Cannabis Patch!
  • Then there's our Sip-and-Sniff Sunset Tour, which runs year round. After we’ve spent time learning about cannabis, we head to the Barlow Center in Sebastopol.  We'll visit the SPARC dispensary and enjoy beer, wine or spirits before heading to the Sonoma Coast to watch the sunset into the Pacific.
  • Once the sun has set, the wine has been tasted and our cannabis has been consumed our day of things to do while high with friends concludes with a ride back to Sonoma, secure in the knowledge that there are many, many more things to do while high with friends and that tomorrow is another day!
  • Late in the growing season, we offer our 'Guerrilla Grow' Tour, which visits a well established pot farm in the Sonoma County hills. This tour runs from August through November and requires our Guests to be physically fit and able to hike up a steep road for about 1/3 of a mile. If you're up for it, the grow is amazing when we get there!
  • Another fantastic thing to do outdoors while high with friends is a Music, Food and/or Art Festival. Sometimes you can get lucky and be in a place which has all three, other times you’ll have to pick and choose but whichever your circumstance, digging live Music or sampling Foods or getting your mind blown with visual and performing arts are all extra-special when you’re out with your friends!

Things to do while high with friends at the beach

  • Did someone say “Surf’s Up!”? Grab your stash, load your friends up and get yourselves to the Beach for some seriously good fun! BBQ or picnic? Football or volleyball? Surfing or snorkeling? Hit the pipe and you’re sitting on top of the world, catching some rays, digging the vibe and having a blast!
  • One note of caution with all of these activities: getting stoned means being inebriated and that means SOME things just shouldn’t be done stoned. Use good judgment and stay safe!

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cbd oils and tinctures

Beginners Guide to CBD Oil and Tinctures

There has been a lot of hype around CBD Oils and Tinctures lately.

So much that— you can’t even go to organic grocery stores without seeing products with CBD oil. It’s all over the place and if you’re keen on experimenting or learning about CBD oils, its benefits, and uses, then check our our beginners guide to CBD oil and tinctures below.

What is pure CBD

Beginners Guide to CBD OilCannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabis compound that gives users the medicinal benefits without the feeling of getting “high” or “stoned.” CBD is a non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains.

CBD has become a popular option for people looking to gain relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, spasms, insomnia, and other conditions. CBD is considered to be safe even in high doses.

There are two types of options for CBD

CBD Rich - CBD rich is a cannabis strain that has equal amounts of CBD and THC
CBD Dominant - CBD that has very little THC.

CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture

The main difference between CBD oil and CBD tinctures (for you) is the method of ingestion. CBD oils are suspended in an oil solution and bred for the highest concentrations fo CBD. Some CBD oils even use a CO2 extraction process that isolates the CBD without the other photo-nutrients such as terpenes and flavonoids. When it comes to consuming CBD oil, you have some flexibility. With CBD oils, you can vaporize it with a CBD vaporizer pen, mix it in with food and drinks, rub it into your skin directly, or swallow the oil.

CBD tinctures are a form of CBD oils, but designed mainly as a food or drink additive. You’ll find CBD tinctures sold in a solution with a dropper. CBD tinctures are only for oral consumption, and you can add it to food, drink, or drop it directly under your tongue. CBD tinctures are often preferred by people because it’s portable, allows you to use precise dosing because of the dropper, and doesn’t require vaping.

How Use Pure CBD

CBD has a few different methods for delivery. Vaping is a common form of delivery for pure CBD, but most patients and users prefer methods that are non-inhalable. These methods for using CBD include: topical application, sublingually, or orally (edibles, lozenges, beverages, tinctures, gel caps).

How long does it take for CBD oil to work

The effects of CBD can take a few minutes if inhaled through a vape pan, and the effects can be felt for a couple of hours. Taking CBD orally takes 30-90 minutes to feel the effects but can last for four hours or more.

CBD Health Benefits

CBD oils and tinctures have several health benefits and can be used to treat inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, pain, spasms, sleep disorders, and more.

Note: Pure CBD oil, or crystalline CBD isolate, is less effective therapeutically than whole plant CBD-rich oil extracts because it lacks critical secondary cannabinoids and other medicinal compounds found in high-resin cannabis versions. The various compounds not found in pure CBD oil actually interact with the CBD to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

CBD Oil Effects

CBD Oils and Tinctures have a number of positive effects, including:

* Anxiety relief
* Stress reduction
* Decrease of physiological effects of anxiety, such as increased heart rate
* Improving PTSD symptoms
* Inducing sleep
* Anti-seizure as a possible treatment for epilepsy
* Neuroprotective for Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke
* Pain relief
* Arthritis relief
* Muscle pain
* Spinal cord injury pain
* Anti-acne
* Cancer treatment

Remember that if you’re considering using CBD oils and tinctures to treat major symptoms to always consult with a doctor or medical professional first.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your System

The time CBD oil stays in your system can vary from person to person. It can also depend on how much CBD is used, the potency, frequency of use, and method of delivery. A rough number for how long CBD stays in your system (for men and women) is anywhere from two to five days in the human body.

Ways to Use CBD Oils

As mentioned earlier, CBD oils can be delivered through a vape pen, ingesting orally (through food, drink, or directly in the mouth under the tongue), or applied topically.

CBD Oil Guide

Looking to buy CBD oil but not sure which brand or where to start? Here’s a short list of some of the top rated CBD oils.

If you want to learn more check out our blog post "What is Dabbing?" Click on this link if you're interested in one of our fun and informative Cannabis Tours - after all, there's more to do in Wine and Weed Country than just Sonoma Wine Tours or Napa Wine Tours!

Beginners Guide to Weed

With the legalization of cannabis in California, we’ve had a number of people ask for tips on what to look for, how to consume, and where to learn about cannabis.

We’ve put together this beginners guide to weed to help you feel more confident as a consumer about the products to look for, as well as some basic information with how to buy, consume, and identify premium marijuana.Beginners Guide to Weed

Note: Throughout this article, we’ll refer to cannabis by various names.

The most popular names for cannabis:

Cannabis is commonly referred to as cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot, and ganja. There’s also an entire library of slang terms that are used to refer to marijuana and its various strains.

Cannabis/Weed Basics

How to determine if you’re looking at premium weed

Premium cannabis is sticky, fluffy, dense, covered in crystals, and leafy. It will also have a strong odor.

Keep in mind, different strains of marijuana may have different shades of color when the light reflects on it. One of the most popular colors is purple, but you can find marijuana all sorts of different shades.

How to Buy Cannabis / Weed

Always buy your weed from a trusted vendor. They test each strand that comes in for purity, potency, pesticides and contaminants. (We actually take you through a testing facility and show you the process marijuana goes through before it hits stores in one of our tours!)

Fun fact: today’s marijuana has undergone generations of testing, cross-breeding, and selection. Meaning, the weed you buy from the store now is better than ever before.

How to Find the Best Weed

Think of cannabis like a fine wine. It can take a lot of experimenting to grow an appreciation for the different strains’ and to fine-tune your senses and palette. Through experience, you’ll also be able to quickly determine if some of the weed you’re looking at is good or bad, like detecting if a bottle of wine has ‘corked’.

How to Rate Cannabis:

If you were to judge weed by a key set of criteria, then you’d want to rate it by sight, smell, taste and feel.

If the weed you’re buying is brittle, brown, or smells like hay, then get away!

Common Types of Marijuana Strains:

If you’re considering purchasing marijuana from a local dispensary, then it will go a long way to know some of the strains you’re looking at. Think of this as similar to the different varietals of wine.

Indica: One of the most common strains of marijuana are indica strains. The species is short and stocky with dense buds. These are native to chilly mountain areas. Indica strains are known for producing highs that are more sedative, sleepy, and dreamy feeling. Indica strains are great for relaxing at home, decompressing after a stressful day, or after long physical activity.

Sativas: Another common strain of marijuana is sativa. Sativas are tall and lanky plants that grow in warmer climates. Sativa strains of weed are more uplifting in feeling, and known to induce more creativity. Sativa strains are great for inducing during outdoor activities like music festivals, hikes, barbecues, and for when engaging in creative efforts like art.

Hybrids: Around 95% of marijuana you’ll find is some form of hybrid. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different strains, and if you’re curious, then don’t be afraid to ask questions about the effects and highs of each strain.

How Much THC and Cannabis for First Time Users

In the current age of marijuana, we’re blessed with labels and technical information. For first time users, remember to take it slow.

Look for strains with 10-15% THC, or look for a balanced THC to CBD ratio (approx. 7%) and slowly work your way up from there.

Start by taking a single puff or bite and see how you feel. If smoking, wait 20 minutes before your next “hit”, and if eating, then wait 45 minutes to an hour.

Did You Overdose on Marijuana?

A common fear for marijuana newbies is overdosing. The good news is that unlike alcohol, overdosing on weed is not lethal. If you notice yourself not feeling well, or starting to get paranoid, then find a relaxing place, use smelling oils, put on some calming music, or close your eyes and nap.

Ways to Consume Marijuana


The most common form of consuming marijuana is smoking. You can buy weed and fill it into a pipe, buy pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, roll your own ‘joints’, or smoke marijuana in a variety of ways. Smoking marijuanan typically takes around 10-15 minutes to feel the effects, and the high lasts for 1-3 hours.


Vaping marijuana is seen as more of a health-conscious way of consuming marijuana as you get the same effects as smoking, but without the carcinogens. Common forms are smoking through e-cigarette “vape pens” or volcano vaporizers.

The cannabis is heated up below the temperature of combustion, yet still extracts the THC, CBD and other active ingredients.


Do you like cookies? brownies? and other treats? Well, make sure you don’t overdo it. Edibles tend to be incredibly potent, but take longer to to feel the effects. Anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. We recommend trying edibles in your home because they can cause a relaxing feeling.


Balms and lotions are great for using for medicinal benefits. The active ingredients are only able to soak into your skin and muscle tissue without ever entering your bloodstream. These are a great way to get the medicinal benefits without the ‘high.’


Concentrates are not recommended for beginners. They can have THC levels that range from 50-80 percent, and are ingested, usually through an eye dropper.

Cannabis Tours are a good way to get exposed to marijuana safely and with experienced people. Check out Happy Travelers Tours and Book a Tour today!

cannabis weed tours

The Rise of Cannabis Tourism in California

In response to Proposition 64, the increase in cannabis use and businesses has been a hot topic. It seems like every other week you hear about someone new making millions from the cannabis industry. But for those of us who are a little less entrepreneurial, but still interested in learning more about cannabis (weed, marijuana, ganja, etc.) there has been a rise in cannabis tourism.

Now, this idea is not entirely original, with cannabis tours having been around in Oregon, Colorado, and other places worldwide. However, in California, cannabis tourism is a brand new experience that residents and tourists can start to take advantage of. These tours provide you with a complete educational experience in the growing, farming and consumption of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

California Cannabis Tours: An Education on Marijuana

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a little PSA. Cannabis tours are not just about legal consumption. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to try recreational and medicinal marijuana in its different forms. But the tour experience is about learning about the various stages of cannabis production and its benefits to society. It’s the best way to learn about cannabis and its uses, as it provides a low-pressure environment with experts in the field of marijuana. So, if you’re signing up for a tour thinking you’re just going to get baked on a bus and watch Inception, then you have another thing coming.

What Do You Do On a Cannabis Tour?

Cannabis Farm Tour of California

rise in cannabis tourism

As part of the general educational experience, you start on the farm where cannabis is grown. The farms vary by the tour you’re on. There, you learn all about the planting, breeding, harvesting and farming process.

If you’re a frequent cannabis tourist and have visited farms in Oregon and Colorado, you may find it super interesting to learn about how the different soils and climates affect the quality and strains of cannabis.

However, for folks just learning about cannabis, you’ll really enjoy learning about the process that cannabis goes through before it’s ready to be consumed.

Cannabis Testing and Distribution

rise in cannabis tourismCannabis, in all its forms, needs to undergo a plethora of testing before it’s released to the general public for recreational or medicinal use. Depending on the tour you may or may not learn about this. I think it’s an increasingly interesting topic as you learn about what scientists in lab coats look for when testing cannabis.

Are they testing for pesticides, potency, or overall quality? You’ll have to sign up for a tour to find out.

Packing and Distribution is another fun area of cannabis to learn about. After cannabis is tested, it’s then packed and distributed so that it can be sold at the retail locations and dispensaries.

Do You Get to Consume Cannabis On the Tour?

Short answer, yes. Every tour will provide different designated areas where it is safe and legal to consume cannabis in its various forms. Keep in mind, there have been stories about cannabis newbies who have had a little “too much fun” on the Colorado cannabis tours, but those moments are rare. Most new users and recreational users on the tour are careful with their intake and the tour guides do provide care, munchies, and different oils and tinctures to help you “come down.”

If you wanted to try cannabis in its different forms for your first time, then consuming it on a cannabis tour where you’re supervised and guided by an expert is one of the best places to start. They’re able to help guide you, provide all of the necessary snacks, and even tell you about the effects of consuming it in different ways.