Please enjoy our post on fun things to do while high with friends (or by yourself!).

Things to do while with friends at home

Let’s think about things to do around the house when you’re having a Pot Party!

  • Obviously, if you’re going to have your friends over to smoke weed you will need to have some munchies available for folks to snack on.
  • Or, you could make food preparation and consumption the whole focus of what you’re doing! There is nothing quite like preparing a meal with friends while you’re smoking cannabis, drinking some wine (or whatever your preferred beverage is) and then eating the meal. Lot’s of fun!
  • Of course, you could also choose to smoke some couch-lock and end up either binge watching movies or a streaming series or gearing up and getting into some gaming with your crew. Definitely a good time when stoned.
  • Then, there are Board Games. Or, gasp, modified Drinking Games (take a bong hit instead of a shot for example). When you sit down and think about it, there’s a ton of things to do at home when stoned with friends!
  • And, it seems reasonable to mention that having sex when stoned is a blast; so, grab your sweetie, rip a load and get your freak on (in the privacy of your home, please)!

Things to do while high with friends outdoors

So, you’ve decided on a Weed Tour and you’re wondering: what are some fun things to do while high with friends. Well, at Happy Travelers Tours, we’ve got exactly the answer to that question!

  • First, there’s our Seasonal Wine-and-Weed Tour which runs from April through November. This Tour takes guests on an adventure where we learn about cannabis, compare wine and weed and visit a Cannabis Patch!
  • Then there’s our Sip-and-Sniff Sunset Tour, which runs year round. After we’ve spent time learning about cannabis, we head to the Barlow Center in Sebastopol.  We’ll visit the SPARC dispensary and enjoy beer, wine or spirits before heading to the Sonoma Coast to watch the sunset into the Pacific.
  • Once the sun has set, the wine has been tasted and our cannabis has been consumed our day of things to do while high with friends concludes with a ride back to Sonoma, secure in the knowledge that there are many, many more things to do while high with friends and that tomorrow is another day!
  • Late in the growing season, we offer our ‘Guerrilla Grow’ Tour, which visits a well established pot farm in the Sonoma County hills. This tour runs from August through November and requires our Guests to be physically fit and able to hike up a steep road for about 1/3 of a mile. If you’re up for it, the grow is amazing when we get there!
  • Another fantastic thing to do outdoors while high with friends is a Music, Food and/or Art Festival. Sometimes you can get lucky and be in a place which has all three, other times you’ll have to pick and choose but whichever your circumstance, digging live Music or sampling Foods or getting your mind blown with visual and performing arts are all extra-special when you’re out with your friends!

Things to do while high with friends at the beach

  • Did someone say “Surf’s Up!”? Grab your stash, load your friends up and get yourselves to the Beach for some seriously good fun! BBQ or picnic? Football or volleyball? Surfing or snorkeling? Hit the pipe and you’re sitting on top of the world, catching some rays, digging the vibe and having a blast!
  • One note of caution with all of these activities: getting stoned means being inebriated and that means SOME things just shouldn’t be done stoned. Use good judgment and stay safe!

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