I’m Stoned, Now What?

There are several different ways to think about the phrase “cool things to do while high”. One point-of-view is from the occasional recreational user, another is from a chronic recreational user and then there’s the medical marijuana user perspective to consider as well.

For those of you who are new to cannabis culture, or are just curious about it, there’s even a slang term for the phrase ‘things to do while high’, which is: things to do while baked. In this case, we’re not taking about baking, which can, in fact, be a thing to do when you’re high for hours.


Let’s look at the three points-of-view we outlined earlier.

First up, the occasional recreational user.

Depending on how often you’re high on weed, you might find there’s not much you WANT to do. Sometimes, things to do while high with friends are things like: just talking and hanging out. If you’re of the mindset of “what should I do while high”, you’re probably an occasional recreational user, because, as we’ll see in a moment, more frequent users have lots of interesting things to do while high, like: go grocery shopping, or do some work or even, go visit with the family!

Some folks might want to plan an event or engage in an activity.

People have thrown Bachelorette Parties while stoned, ridden bikes and gone out to wineries or breweries. Basically, anything you can do, you can do when stoned, except operate a motor vehicle!

We’ve all seen those ‘high memes’ which show someone who is really baked just kind of melting into their chair – well, that is certainly on the list of high things to do but, for chronic smokers (someone who smokes pot on a regular or even daily basis) the things to do while high are basically the things you do when you’re not high.

Things to do when you’re high with friends (or just by yourself) are the same things you do when you’re not stoned, if you’re a chronic or medical marijuana user that is. For folks who just like to smoke pot a lot (the chronics), they don’t have a list of what to do while high, they just do it.

Medical Marijuana Users

It’s a slightly different situation for medical marijuana users. There are lots of compelling use cases for folks who use cannabis as medicine. For some, it’s about getting their appetite stimulated, for others it’s about managing pain and for others it’s about anxiety or sleep.

There is debate about the medical benefits of cannabis, however, over the years research has yielded results to suggest that marijuana may be of benefit in the treatment of some conditions, which include: chronic pain, alcoholism and drug addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety.

There is also evidence to suggest positive affects associated with the treatment of: Cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

As you can tell, this topic runs a wide range and addresses many issues. Hopefully, this information shines some light on cannabis and cannabis culture. Find out how much fun Happy Travelers Tours are by setting up an event for you and your friends!