What makes cannabis education tours and party bus tours different? Mostly everything! The goal of cannabis education tours is to normalize consumption and de-stigmatize cannabis use. At Happy Travelers Tours we also introduce new and experienced consumers to the inside world of cannabis and cannabis production.

A party bus is pretty much self-explanatory. For the purposes of this post, party busses let Guests consume cannabis (either personal stash or after a stop at a dispensary) while the bus is in motion. Typically, Party Busses stop at dispensaries and cannabis operations and either wineries or breweries.

Note: many party bus tour guests report they’re too inebriated to get home safely and need a designated driver.

In Sonoma County there are a couple of expensive party bus tours. However, there’s only one Sonoma County-based cannabis education tour, Happy Travelers Tours.

Happy Travelers Tours

Established in 2018, we’re very proud Happy Travelers Tours is the original Sonoma County cannabis tour focused on supporting our local cannabis community.  By providing Certified Tourism Ambassadors on every Tour, we bring quality education, history and cannabis information directly to our Guests.

Our nationally recognized MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour puts you up-close-and-personal with Cannabis. Book your Tour Today and get up-close-and-personal with cannabis plants!

Cannabis Education Tours for Education Professionals and Medical Practitioners

happy travelers weed cannabis toursA Happy Travelers Tours cannabis education tour puts Guests up-close-and-personal with cannabis. These educational Tours are designed to help professional educators develop progressive curriculum advancing Cannabis Education.

Medical practitioners who wish to better understand the cannabis industry will benefit as well. Our goal is to provide educators and medical professionals with a solid foundation and overview of the contemporary Cannabis Industry in California.

With our exclusive five activity itinerary, our cannabis education tours focus on getting up close and personal with cannabis. On Tour our Guests learn:

  • How to grow and process cannabis
  • What types of ‘finished’ products are available
  • How to safely consume cannabis, and
  • A two-part hands-on session about cannabis economics post-legalization. Our Guests work with cannabis and learn about production. This part of our experience is the highest (pun intended) rated part of our itinerary!

Download our Ultimate Tour for Cannabis Educators and Medical Professionals Guide!

Information for Educators

If you’re looking to build curriculum for a class at your school or university and/or if you’ve made the decision to finally learn about the rapidly changing cannabis industry, join Happy Travelers Tours on our Cannabis Grow tour and get the cannabis education tour you deserve! And, when the day is done, you’ll have enough information to generate a course outline! Email: [email protected] for more information.

Information for Medical Professionals

Medical Practitioners: if you prescribe cannabis, do you want to know more about production and the supply chain? While our Tours focus on educators, medical practitioners will gain real-world knowledge that will help them more confidently prescribe cannabis as a treatment option.

The New Wine and Weed Country

Happy Travelers Tours is a Sonoma County-based company which is a locally owned and operated cannabis tour company run by Wine and Weed Country natives. Our up-close-and-personal cannabis experiences bring Guests directly into the Sonoma County Cannabis Community and the California Cannabis Lifestyle because our business ‘grew’ directly from this close-knit community.

Our Team of Sonoma County locals take you behind the scenes of the legal cannabis marketplace: from growers to production to retail, Guests meet with some of the best operators in NorCal while enjoying beautiful, scenic, wine and weed county, Sonoma County style.

The best part is: all of our education partners are ‘deep roots’ cannabis community members here in Sonoma County. When you’re on a Happy Travelers Tours experience, you meet folks who are the ‘real deal’.

The Most Unique Team Building Experiences

What makes a good Team Off-Site Experience? Is it about building communication and inter-personal skills? What about creating a lasting impression or building a life-long workplace memory?

If you’re looking for a unique team off site, Happy Travelers Tours has the experience for you! We’ll visit an indoor growing operation and enjoy a custom ‘back-room’ Tour. From the Tour we’ll move through their retail operation to learn about Cannabis Point-of-Sale marketing.

In addition to spending time exploring cannabis production we provide a catered lunch and finish our day with a picnic and wine tasting, in true wine weed country fashion.

  • Add-on Activities and Special Guest speakers are available to ‘brand’ your Team Off-Site with your stamp-of-approval.
  • More information is available by emailing: [email protected]

Recreational Cannabis Experiences

One way to spend a perfect day in wine and weed country is to get on Happy Travelers Tours Dispensary and Winery Tour. Why? Because you can explore scenic vineyards and enjoy a wine (or beer) tasting experience and get up close and personal with cannabis plants, all while experiencing the best in Sonoma County Dispensaries.

So, if you’re looking for some west coast cannabis while on a Sonoma County wine country vacation, hop on board a Happy Travelers Tours Dispensary Tour and enjoy a truly unique and memorable experience.

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