Edible Marijuana, More Than Just Your Mom’s Brownies!

Edible Marijuana comes in many formats: from baked goods to extracts, from infused beverages to candy, medical marijuana edibles (and recreational marijuana edibles) are all the rage, and, should be consumed with some education and awareness.

Edible Marijuana Baked Goods
Edible Marijuana Baked Goods

People will react differently to edible marijuana than to smoking it, one of the key things to remember is the relative dosage of any given edible. By knowing the dosage, you can better manage the edible marijuana effects.

One of the safest ways to learn about and enjoy edible marijuana is by taking our Wine and Weed Tour of the Valley of the Moon. During the tour, we will stop at a legal cannabis dispensary where you can sample various marijuana edibles and learn from experts who will help ensure you have the best experience possible.

Things to Thing About When Eating Cannabis

Here’s a couple of thoughts about eating Cannabis. Timing. It’s better to eat pot when your day is done and you don’t have any obligations. Why? Potency and Dosage, my friends, potency and dosage.

Some cannabis cooks like to use light-weight dosages so that the food experience is more about eating and less about being high. However, depending on the potency of the cannabis, even a small dose can be more than enough!

In California, the legal limit for THC in retail food products is 10g – a 10 gram Gummy Bear is MORE than enough to get a full grown adult stoned for several hours!

To learn more, Book your Happy Travelers Tour today! Or, enjoy edible marijuana Tea and Treats with our High Tea Experience!