Is there Legal Weed in California? Is Recreational Marijuana available in California?

The answer, of course, is Yes. Since January 1, 2018 California has been one of the states which allows legal weed, also known as  recreational marijuana.

Now, when you ask the question, where is weed legal in the U.S., one of the answers is California. And, one of the safest and most convenient ways to learn about and enjoy marijuana in California is on our Wine and Weed Tour of the Valley of the Moon.

Learn from Experts!

Legal recreational weed is something which should be explored among friends and people who really know and understand what they’re talking about. Our Tour of the Valley of the Moon stops at different types of cannabis ‘grows’ and provides for an educational experience unlike any other.

We also visit a testing lab to learn about Quality and Purity, we also visit a retail dispensary where you can learn even more about the different types of consumables (smoke, vape, eat and drink) and different configurations of recreational cannabis and medical marijuana (CBD, THC and so on).

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Smoking Legal Weed

Smoking Legal Weed