Our MountainTop Grow site is being prepared for the 2021 Season and we’re super excited to share we’ve ordered over 21,000 starts. We do expect this MountainTop Grow season to be the best we’ve produced and we can’t wait to share!

Preparation Work Continues

With our opening day approaching on 4/20 we are busy on the mountaintop preparing over 3 acres for planting; this year we’re building both raised beds and using grow pots – two strategies to help us refine how we do what we do.

Come for the Cannabis, Stay for the Views

Our MountainTop Grow site is located at 2,300 feet above sea-level in the Mayacamas Mountains in Wine-and-Weed Country’s Sonoma Valley. When we arrive at the site, you’ll have come for the cannabis but you’ll want to stay for the views, which, on a perfect day, allow us to see all the way to San Francisco! It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Here we are seeing Row #1 of 40 almost ready for amended soil. You can see the spacing between rows and the rough-hewn lumber we’re using which comes from the trees which once occupied this meadow. The Nuns Fire from 2017 burned the grow of trees which was in this space and created the opportunity to convert it.

It’s taken several years to get through the permitting process, primarily because of the aftermath from the 2017 fires. And, sadly, from the 2019 and 2020 fires as well. Given the grow site is part of the county, and that the fires have impacted Sonoma County at the macro level, getting ANY permit through the County’s process has been significantly delayed.

Housing comes first and, at this point in 2021, there are only a half-dozen permitted outdoor grows in Sonoma County and this grow is the largest with a permit allowing almost 4 full acres of grow.

Happy Travelers Tours owes a huge debt of gratitude to our grow partner, A Gardner’s Dream.


This photo shows some other rows we’re working on now. To get to this point we’ve had to:

  • remove the burned, diseased and dead trees
  • hand mill the wood
  • place fence posts around the 3 acre perimeter
  • put up the chicken wire and prepare the gate
  • bring in the water tanks (two 50,000 gallon tanks filled by a natural spring on the property)
  • prepare and re-enforce the access road

This last picture is from ‘our’ side of the fence. As you can imagine, we don’t go into the actual grow during the Season, instead, we have a birds-eye view of over 3 acres of cannabis. If we pan to the left, we see the grow extends a long way!

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Come on up the Mountain this year and get up-close-and-personal with cannabis as we explore the plant. As we said, come for the cannabis and stay for the views!