Happy Travelers Tours is proud to present the Ultimate Cannabis Vacation Planning Guide. The Ultimate Cannabis Vacation Planning Guide visits the historical and contemporary Cannabis story in the United States. In it we discuss highlights on the timeline of cannabis legalization and visit important historical locations to talk about the history of Hemp (and Cannabis) in the United States. Download your Guide!

We start our Ultimate Cannabis Vacation on the East Coast and work our way from the New England States, thru parts of the South and Mid-West on our way to the West Coast, where we swing up the Coast touching on points-of-interest in California, Oregon and Washington.

While there are several “route 420’s” in the USA, our version is fanciful and ties together historical hemp and cannabis landmarks as a way to explore the significance of cannabis in America. Most folks don’t know hemp was a required crop during America’s formative years. As a seafaring nation, we needed rope, sails and oil for our commercial and naval ships and hemp provided it all! In fact, did you know the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) used 44 tons of hemp rope in her rigging?

Or, were you aware Pennsylvania was founded with the goal of becoming the hemp production center for the United States? When planning your Ultimate Cannabis Vacation consider what you’re looking to do. Are you in search of specific strains of cannabis or are you more interested in learning how hemp and cannabis is grown and what is considered state-of-the-art technology? Whatever your goal is, you’ll find information and ideas about how to plan your ultimate cannabis vacation.

How To Use the Ultimate Cannabis Vacation Planning Guide

The Guide is broken into two sections:

  • Things to Consider and Adventure on Route 420.  In Things to Consider, we discuss the history of hemp in the United States and we describe landmark and historical sites of interest.
  • In the Adventure on Route 420 section, we break-down places and moments in Cannabis history by geographic location and provide state-by-state highlights which focus on cannabis and hemp history and education.

Interested in Learning About Cannabis?

If you’re interested in learning about cannabis, we suggest a Happy Travelers Tours cannabis adventure! From our Dispensary Tours to visiting our MountainTop Grow site, our Tours focus on getting up-close-and-personal with cannabis plants while getting educated about this most fascinating plant! Call 707-386-9859 or email: [email protected] for more information!

Download the Guide for Free!

Currently, the Guide is not Gated and so you can download the Ultimate Cannabis Vacation Planning Guide for Free! Please enjoy it and we hope this Guide inspires you to plan your own Ultimate Cannabis Vacation – we’ll see you on Route 420!