Weed edibles cover a wide range of cannabis products, from gummies to cookies to beverages, you can eat cannabis in an ever growing variety of ways.

Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis:

  • Smoke
    • Traditional – Joints, Blunts and Pipes
    • Flower Vapes – ‘Volcanos’
    • Water cooled – Bongs
    • Concentrated – Dabs
    • Oils – Vape, Smoke
  • Eat
    • Concentrates – Gummies
    • Decarboxylation – Butter for baking
  • Drink
    • Infused Beverages – Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine
    • Infused Tea – Green teas, Black Teas and Flavored Teas
    • Powered – Mix with anything

What to Expect When Eating Weed Edibles

The first thing to expect is nothing, for at least 90 minutes. Unlike smoking (or vaping) cannabis, when you eat marijuana there are several steps your body goes through before you’ll feel the affect:

  • Digestion – through the stomach
    • How long this takes is dependent on your metabolism and how ‘full’ your stomach is when you eat your cannabis
  • Absorption – through the liver
    • This means the ‘high’ you’ll feel is different than what you’d feel if you smoke or vape weed
  • Duration
    • Consuming weed edibles takes longer to feel the affect and lasts longer than if you smoke or vape your cannabis

Best Ways to Consume Edibles

Chose Wisely! First up, start with small doses and easy activities, like sightseeing or window shopping. Don’t, for example, eat two 10 gram gummies and take a 10 mile hike – you most likely will not have fun!

On the other hand, eating half a gummy (5 grams) and sitting by the pool enjoying conversation with your friends will very probably produce the cannabis experience you’re looking for.

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