The old slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby” could easily be applied to cannabis and the consumption of weed since it was criminalized in the 1930’s. So many new methods for growing, cultivating and manufacturing have been introduced that at times it can be confusing. However, one thing which has not changed much over the years is the very confusing way marijuana is weighed, measured and sold.

As you read through this blog post you’ll see a mix of pot jargon and slang as well as a crossing over from metric weights (grams) to U.S. Customary Units (ounces and pounds) which can all be confusing. Don’t worry though! We’ve created a chart of some weed measurements, weights and amounts into a handy chart for your reference; just scroll down this post to find it!

The marijuana metric system is a confusing mix of Standard International Units and US Customary units. But when you boil it all down, the main cannabis conversion you need to remember is:

  • 1 ounce of weed = 28 grams

From there, it’s pretty easy to decipher the weed jargon to calculate that “a half” equals 14 grams, “a quarter” equals 7 grams, an eighth equals 3.5 gram, and “a dub” will typically equal one full gram of marijuana. (see chart below for some examples)

The whole point of understanding the math is so you can be an informed consumer and once you know how to do the math, you can determine if making your own marijuana concentrates, oils, edibles, and tinctures will help you save on cannabis costs based upon the price of weed in your area. Making your own concentrates is a topic for another post.

The other piece of the weed measurements and amounts puzzle is how to measure the amount of THC or CBD there is in any given strain. There is a plethora of different chemicals that make up the cannabis plant, but THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive ingredient that gives users the euphoric and relaxed feeling that is commonly associated with cannabis.

Average THC content in California varies between 15% and 30%, with more potent strains being created every year. The measurement of THC content in any given cannabis plant is taken as a percentage of that compound which makes up the plant’s flower compared to the other lesser-known compounds and plant matter in the flower, also known as a “bud”.

When it comes to concentrated forms of cannabis like wax, shatter, hash and edibles, the weed measurements switch from a percentage to milligrams. A gram of concentrate such as shatter may be 80% THC, but it is labeled as 80mg of THC per dose. Similarly, edibles are given a THC in milligrams dose, with the average dose for edibles begin 10mg.

If you want to learn more about different ways to consume cannabis, check out our “What is Dabbing” blog post or our “Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oils and Tinctures”.

You can find the itineraries for our Sonoma Weed Tours here.

1/2 OZ 1/2 ounce of marijuana A bag of weed, a half –  The term lid is not commonly used to describe a precise amount of weed, so don’t use this term for business
1/2 oz of weed cost Cost will vary depending on strain, your retailer and what tax rate you pay
1/4 OZ 1/4 of weed A quarter, a quad – Hey! Do you have a quad I can get?
1/4 ounce of weed
1 4 of weed in grams 7 Grams
1 4 ounce of weed in grams
1/4 of weed price Pricing is volitile and based on factors like quality and growing methodology: indoor, outdoor canopy and outdoor sun
1/4 oz weed price
1/4 LB 1/4 pound of weed A QP, a quarter – We’re gonna score a QP
1/4 weed
1/4 weed cost In theory, as you move up in quantity, the cost per ounce reduces, which is why some chronic tokers buy in bulk!
1/4 weed price
1/8 OZ 1/8 of shake An Eighth – “Shake” is the leafy remains of the trimming process; it can be used to make BHO/CO2 concentrates.
1/8 of weed
1/8 weed cost The cost of an eight is, typically, more per gram than larger quantities.
1/8 of weed cost
1/8 weed bag
1/8 of weed in grams 3.5 Grams- A single gram is the smallest amount available for purchase
1/8 of weed price Pricing on eighths will in many cases be more expensive on a per gram basis than purhasing larger quantities.
1/8 ounce weed price
1/8 oz of weed price
1/8 of weed price california
1/8 ounce of weed picture An Eighth – I’m broke, do ya got an eighth for me?
1/8 ounce weed
1/8th of weed
1 GRAM 1 bud of weed A single flower
1 gram of marijuana The smallest amount of marijuana generally available for purchase in the world of weed
1 gram of pot
1 gram of weed
1 gram of weed cost The most expensive way to purchase cannabis is on a per gram basis.
1 gram of weed price
1 gram of weed on a scale
1 gram of weed picture
1 gram of weed size The size of a single gram of pot will vary depending on: is it ground? Is it a whole bud? Is it pieces of bud?
1 gram weed bags
2 GRAMS 2.5 grams of weed A dub or a 20 sack
20 bag of weed
20 dollars worth of weed is called
20 bag of weed weight About a gram
20 dollar bag of weed
20 of weed is how many grams
20 sack of weed
20 sack of weed weight
20 dollars worth of weed in grams
20 GRAMS 20 grams of weed About 3/4 of an ounce. .71% of an ounce to be precise
20 grams of weed equals how many ounces
20 grams of weed in florida
20 grams of weed worth More or less $250
2 grams of marijuana A $40 bag
2 grams of weed
2 grams of weed worth
2 grams of weed cost
2 grams of weed on a scale
2 grams of weed size