Like most 20-something year old stoners, it’s the decade of weddings. High School and College sweethearts are preparing to tie the knot and my snapchat is flooded with boozy bachelorette bashes and bridal brunches.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my own future wedding and whether I can opt-out of an open bar for a ‘Bud Buffet’. Coming from a less cannabis-friendly family, it’s a hard switch to make.

But what if I could have both?

One of the most inclusive trip ideas I’ve come across was Happy Travelers Tours, located in Sonoma Valley.

4 Ways Happy Travelers Tours will elevate your Big Day:

1. The Sonoma Scenery

Sonoma County, California, is famous for so many things that it’s hard to keep them all straight. The area is most famous for its vineyards, dozens of thriving farmers’ markets, mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, meadows, and 55 miles of gorgeous Pacific Ocean coastline. Sonoma is the ideal destination for hiking, scenic photos, and outdoor beauty. Happy Travelers Tours offers a Sunset Tour where guests are taken to Bodega Head where they can enjoy panoramic views of the Sonoma Coast and the Pacific Ocean as the sun sets slowly into the West. The tour also includes a catered meal and tasting centered around wine and cannabis terpenes.

2. West Coast Wine 

Just an hour’s drive from San Francisco is Sonoma Wine Country, famous for its vineyards, over 500 wineries, and amazing award-winning wines.

Make your Sonoma vacation even more memorable by booking a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience like Happy Travelers Tours’ – Wine and Weed Tour. Their tours are fully customizable with activities like the “Sip-and-Sniff” experience where guests taste wine and compare cannabis flowers, looking for the similarities in aroma and complexity. From flawless Pinot Noir and exciting Zinfandels all the way to supple, well-structured Cabernet Sauvignons, the area has wine for every palate.

3. California Cannabis 

Looking for a Marijuana themed Matrimony? A Bachelorette Bash with hash?

Look no farther! Happy Travelers Tours provides an experience like no other tour group in Sonoma Valley. Their Miss to MRS. Mountain Top Grow – Wine & Weed Tour is unlike any bridal event I’ve seen yet! Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of Cannabis, Cabernet, and celebration. Your dope bride will fall in love all over again with the incredible aromas as your group wines’ down and take a private tour of the cultivation fields where your party can get up-close-and-personal with Cannabis plants, combined with breathtaking views. The tour guides have found a great way to intersect hands-on learning with education through their “Trimming Experience” where guests learn to manicure a bud, process it for rolling, and then try to roll a “joint.” 

Whether you’re a seasoned roller or a beginner, it was a fun competition for everyone in the group to test their skills.

4. Personalized Packages

The best part about Happy Travelers Tours? Their experiences are fully customizable. When planning a party or event, you have the choice of various add-ons like cake, Champagne, and several CBD-infused options like salads with CBD-infused dressing and Focaccia Bread with CBD-infused balsamic vinegar and/or oil.

They can schedule tours for all group sizes ranging from large parties to small intimate gatherings and can also put on events privately at your 420-friendly accommodations/AirBnb.

In Conclusion

I ‘highly’ recommend visiting, especially the Bachelorette section of their website because they have everything mapped out for a ‘stoner’ planner like myself. They also include an entire (Three-day) itinerary, listing several local attractions, their favorite dining places, and how to get the most out of your visit.

As they say in Sonoma,

“Come for the Cannabis, Stay for the Views”