Growing Cannabis on the Mountain is a pure joy – watching the clones transform into healthy plants is amazing! Join us in our growing cannabis adventure and Book a MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour today!

Let’s Look at the Clones!

As you know we over 35,000 square feet of sun-drenched cannabis plants growing on our 3 acre mountaintop grow site. As of this post (5/26) the clones have been in the ground for about two weeks and they’re getting both height and fan leaves.

Auto-Flower Clones Means What?

All of these plants are auto-flower clones and, so, they’ve been ‘breaking bud’ since they first hit the soil. We’re not expecting large plants from this crop, but we are planning on two crops this outdoor season before we convert to hoop houses for the Fall/Winter.

This means, we will be running our MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour year-round – the exception will be in the rainy months when there’s nothing going on at the grow except in the Greenhouse.

Join us on the MountainTop, or on any one of our educational cannabis tours!

Water Water Everywhere!

Growing Cannabis on the Mountain is not without it’s challenges, the biggest one is water management. Part of the reason we’re using both soft pots and raised beds is a “wet zone” in one part of the grow.

Because it’s too wet to go directly in the dirt in that section, we opted to put plants into pots as well. Turns out, we’ve got 8,000 pots and the other 12,000 plants are in the beds!

What Else Happens on the MountainTop?

Our MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour puts you up-close-and-personal with cannabis in several ways during our Tour.

  • Grower Presentation – a hands on conversation about what techniques are being used at the site
  • Sip-and-Sniff Experience – we will handle three different strains of cannabis as we discuss Terpenes.
  • Trimming Experience – we teach you how to hand-trim cannabis flowers and discuss the impact legalization has had on the trimmer community.

Get Up-Close-and-Personal with Cannabis

Book your MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour today and get up-close-and-personal with 20,000 cannabis plants!