The MountainTop is jumping with activity this Mother’s Day weekend as the clones have arrived! Come get up-close-and-personal with 20,000 cannabis plants on our MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour!


20,000 auto-flower clones are hitting the beds and soft pots with the goal of a harvest in late June/early July. Four Strains, two growing methodologies and 3 full acres of cannabis!

What Happens In July?

Once these 20,000 cannabis plants have matured, we will switch to greenhouse raised clones, which will go into the beds and pots as soon as the first crop is harvested. This second round will harvest around mid-September.

Baby (Clone) Pictures!

Here are some photos of the 20,000 clones. This has been more than a journey, it’s been an adventure and we’re super excited to be able to share this incredible space while providing exciting educational cannabis adventures to Guests from around the world!

Get Up-Close-and-Personal with Cannabis

Book your MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour today and get up-close-and-personal with 20,000 cannabis plants!