Our Cannabis Tour season is open for 2021 and we’re excited to get you up-close-and-personal to over 20,000 Cannabis plants at our MountainTop Grow Site.

Unique Opportunity

Coming on a Cannabis Tour with Happy Travelers Tours is a unique opportunity to see a cannabis farm in operation. We take advantage of our birds-eye view to enjoy a 3 acre sundrenched meadow located at 2,300 feet above sea level. Come for the Cannabis, Stay for the Views!

Get Educated about Cannabis

Happy Travelers Tours mission is to educate, destigmatize and normalize cannabis; we take the mystery out of the plant by educating our Guests about the benefits of both THC and CBD, the history of cannabis in the United States and by putting your hands on cannabis to learn about the economics of cannabis post-legalization.

Have Fun and Meet New People

Happy Travelers Tours offers a wide range of Cannabis Tours, all of which focus on education, having fun and meeting people, As we move into the 2021 Cannabis Tour Season, we’re excited to expand our fleet of vehicles to include our new 12 passenger Ford Transit 350 (we take delivery the first week of June).

Are You Canna-Curious?

Do you have questions about cannabis? Have you ever tried to grow it or are you considering growing? Come on our MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour and speak with our Grower/Operator and get your cannabis questions answered!

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