Things keep happening up on the MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour site! We’re about 3 weeks away from 20,000 auto-flower clones hitting the dirt! Here’s today’s update of the MountainTop Grow 2021 Part 3.

We’ll Climb a Mountain

As we’ve mentioned in the past, our MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour is located at about two thousand three hundred feet above sea level in the heart of the Mayacamas Mountains. On a clear day, we can see San Francisco as we wind our way up and down the scenic route. Come for the Cannabis and Stay for the Views!

Here’s the Yard

Here’s a shot of part of the Yard where we store the materials and equipment we’re using as we transform the field into a 3 acre, raised bed, cannabis grow site. We’ve got two bobcats working, plus a small tractor and various other pieces of equipment, from rototillers to chainsaws.

While the plants and cultivation methods are ‘very green’, the process of getting the site ready is absolutely dependent on machines and fuel.

Happy Travelers Tours owes a huge debt of gratitude to our grow partner, A Gardner’s Dream.

These Rows are Ready!

This photo shows rows which are ready for plants! Basically, we’ve got 36 more rows to go! These rows run north south and are about 200 yards long each. The other 36 rows will run east west and are at least 200 yards long, possibly a bit longer when finished, we’ll see!


Camp Cannabis

Get a Birds-Eye View of 3 acres of sun-drenched cannabis plants from our Camp Cannabis. Located outside of the chicken-wire fence, our campsite offers a tent for privacy, tables and chairs for food and activities and a portable restroom with easy access.

This last picture shows THE most important piece of equipment: the PortaPotty! This unit has a built-in hand washing station inside and is ready to provide comfort relief for both our Guests and Staff.

From Camp we can see the entire grow, have access to water and a restroom and enjoy an afternoon of Happy Travelers Tours activities and experiences.

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Come on up the Mountain this year and get up-close-and-personal with cannabis as we explore the plant. As we said, come for the cannabis and stay for the views!