Whether you’re in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, the California cannabis scene and cannabis consumption are thriving in the Golden State. If you’re into a party bus or a more sedate wine tour, the cannabis industry is fully in “puff pass” mode – more and more weed experiences, operational tours and legal recreational events are occurring.

So, what is a cannabis experience? In the Bay Area, cannabis tours include the Oakland cannabis creative tour, tours which feature cannabis infused foods and infused wines and tours focused on wine and cannabis.

Happy Travelers Tours start educating Guests on the convergence of wine and weed as soon as we’re on board the bus by providing our Sip-and-Sniff Experience in route to any of our various destinations: our Sunset Tour, Wine-and-Weed Tour and new for the 2019 Season, our Destination: Grow Tour.

The California Cannabis Scene is fully integrated into the California lifestyle. In almost every county in the state, adults can now purchase and consume legal marijuana from licensed retailers. Some counties and municipalities have restrictions on retailers and consumption however cannabis is legal in the state and, ultimately, if you’re over the age of 21 you can find, purchase and consume legal cannabis in California and that means: the Cannabis Scene is anywhere cannabis is!

It doesn’t matter if you live in California, or are visiting any of the amazing destinations located in the Golden State the cannabis scene is thriving in this new era of legal recreational consumption. So, find a Tour near you and get on the bus! Call Happy Travelers Tours to book your next Cannabis Experience – 707-386-9859!