Are you a first time cannabis user? Have you been smoking marijuana for a long time but you have questions about weed? Welcome to California, the land of Winery Tours, Brewery Tours, Culinary Tours and now, Marijuana Tourism!

Marijuana Tourism
Toasting on the HTT Bus

The Best Weed Tourism in California typically focuses on the California cannabis culture, which can include drinking fine wines, enjoying craft beers and outstanding food while smoking artisanal cannabis on a curated marijuana tour (also known as a thc tour or a weed tour).

Some THC Tours in California include stops at Cannabis Grow sites (both indoor and outdoor) and visits to Dispensaries while also incorporating experiences, ranging from Puff, Puff and Paint events to Outdoor Adventures and even visiting Amusement Parks!

Sonoma Marijuana Tours often focus on Wine-and-Weed Tours or Beer-and-Buds Tours. Typically, the best Sonoma Weed Tour will offer Guests choices: why type of cannabis products they want to learn about or purchase, what types of wine or beer they prefer and, the very best California cannabis tours will take Guests on a culinary adventure as part of the marijuana tour.

Whether you and your Gal Pals are looking for something unique and unusual to do or if you’ve always been cannabis curious, if you’re looking for things to do in California, just Google “Cannabis Tours near me” and you’re almost guaranteed to find something interesting!

From day trips to overnight excursions, cannabis tourism in California is – ahem – a Growing industry and well worth exploring! For more information about Happy Travelers Tours, including our Bachelorette Party’s or Special Events by clicking here!