In the new world of wine and weed tours it’s easy to get on the bus and get lifted, as it were. You can experience a wine and weed tour, or mix and match with beer destinations in Sonoma County.

Wine Country Weed Trips

Anyway you cut it, getting on a wine country weed trip is as easy as finding the Tour your like and booking it. The question is: during a day of tasting wine and cannabis, how do you enjoy the crossfade experience?

Enjoying the Crossfade Experience

What does ‘crossfade experience’ mean? It’s when someone consumes both alcohol and cannabis at the same time.

There’s an art to doing this and if you’ve never mixed the two before, you might want to go slow because instead of feeling ‘elevated’, you might end up feeling nauseated or worse.

How can the crossfade be enjoyed? Moderation! Yes, in the new world of wine and cannabis tourism, the temptation to taste as much as possible looms large. One way to ensure maximum enjoyment is to not mix within groups, and by this we mean: if you’ve been drinking wine, don’t switch to beer.

Likewise, if you’ve been smoking or vaping cannabis, don’t also munch down an edible or wash down your lunch with a cannabis-infused beverage!

Knowing Your Limits

One very effective way of enjoying the crossfade experience is to limit how much you consume. Instead of having a third glass of wine and smoking another joint, what if the ‘buzz you’re at” is fine? Check in with yourself and your friends – figure out when ‘too much is just enough’ and when it’s too much.

The MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour

Happy Travelers Tours specializes in cannabis education and our primer format for this is our nationally recognized MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour. The views on this Tour are spectacular and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face who enjoys weed, wine and nature.

And, being in nature, where you can walk around and metabolize the wine and weed means, you’re more likely to enjoy your crossfade experience and the commonalities between cannabis and wine.

The Cannabis Dispensary and Wine Tasting Tour

There’s another way to enjoy a crossfade experience in Sonoma County and that’s on the Cannabis Dispensary and Wine Tasting Tour with Happy Travelers Tours.

This Tour visits a dispensary and indoor grow operation so Guests can get the cannabis education they want (and purchase cannabis products for later consumption) and then visits two wine tasting rooms for a catered lunch and a glass (or two) of Sonoma County Wine.

Which Comes First

While there has only been some initial clinical research into the crossfade experience, there are plenty of anecdotal experiences which suggest that smoking cannabis first and then consuming alcohol has a better “satisfaction” rating than drinking alcohol and adding weed on top.

It has to do with the way human bodies metabolize both substances and the fact one is ‘numbing’ part of the brain while the other is opening mind consciousness. The ‘best practice’ (as it were) is to:

  • Smoke or vape some cannabis
  • Enjoy a Glass of Wine or Beer
  • Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Crossfade

What Is a Canna-Curious Adventurer To Do?

Book a MountainTop Wine-and-Weed Tour or a Cannabis Dispensary and Wine Tasting Tour with Happy Travelers Tours and enjoy the best crossfade experience that Wine and Weed Country has to offer.