One thing which doesn’t get discussed too much is how to come down from a weed high, or, alternatively, what to do when you’re too high. Just like with Cannabis Hyperemesis, there’s another aspect of consuming weed which can occur, which is getting too hight, or, as those in the culture say: hitting it too hard.

More American people than ever have access to legal cannabis, and you can expect that a lot of people are going to turn themselves into a blanket burrito. This is what many call rookie syndrome, when you just get too stoned to function normally.

Whether smoking a high-THC strain for the first time, or eating something more potent than what you’re used to, getting too stoned is something that happens to many people at some point. Proper dosage greatly affects an experience, and that becomes hard to do when you’re smoking or eating something particularly tasty. Beginners are most susceptible to getting too stoned, but one don’t worry. You won’t die; no one has yet!

Getting “un-high” is not exactly as easy as you think, but there are certain things that can definitely help you out of a corner. Like many intoxicants, it’s really a waiting game, as you have to allow time for your body to metabolize the THC just like you would with alcohol. That’s also why edibles can be dicey, the effects take more time to fully present, and longer to die down as they travel through your system. Edibles and dosage in general can work on everyone differently, so if you don’t have a firm idea of your tolerance, caution is your best bet.

Let’s discuss ways to come down from a weed high

  1. Stay Calm, Don’t panic

Most symptoms of imbibing too much cannabis will dissipate within minutes to hours, with no lasting effects beyond a little grogginess.

Give it some time and these feelings will eventually pass, trust us.

Also, contrary to what you may have heard, there have been zero reported cannabis overdose deaths in the history of ever, so despite how freaked out you may feel or how sweaty you get, you won’t expire from excess consumption.

  1. Know your limits before consuming

It’s all well and good to make new friends, but being surrounded by strangers when you can’t feel your face is unpleasant at best and anxiety-ridden at worst. Our next suggestion is to consume with friends you know and are comfortable with, and don’t feel pressured to consume more than you can handle.

Take it slow, especially when consuming edibles. We recommend starting with a standard dose of 10 mg of whatever the edible is (gummy, chocolate or whatever you’ve selected) and cutting that into quarters, so, you can start with a 2.5 mg piece and then wait at least an hour, if not two, before increasing your edibles dosage.

Remember, it takes your body as long as 90 minutes to digest the edible and have it move from your stomach to your liver (edible cannabis is absorbed in the liver, not the lungs).

So, start with a small dose and increase it ONLY after enough time has passed for it to be in your system.

Also, if you’re used to occasionally taking one hit off your pipe, we don’t advise sitting in a smoking circle passing the bong for an hour!

Remember to just say: “No, I’m good right now” … no one will be offended!

  1. Try water and light snacks

Don’t forget to hydrate! Whether you prefer water or juice, make sure you have a nice, cold beverage on hand (preferably non-caffeinated). This will help you combat dry mouth and allow you to focus on a simple and familiar act – sipping and swallowing.

Keep in mind that by “hydrate,” we don’t mean “chug some brews.” If you’re feeling the effects of your strain a little too aggressively, stay away from alcohol as it can increase THC blood concentrations.

Consider grazing on some fruits, nuts, or cheese, and see if it’s a little easier to connect mind and body. Some people find that a light snack helps them feel a little more grounded.

  1. Keep calm and rest

Take deep full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the sound of your breath and just rest a while.

Once you’ve found a quiet area, lay down and let yourself relax. If drowsiness and sleep are quick to onset, take a little nap to rejuvenate yourself. Should you be unable to fall asleep, just get comfortable until you feel strong enough to spring back up.

  1. Take a walk or hike

Sometimes a change of scenery and some fresh air to get your blood pumping will help invigorate you. Refrain from taking a walk if you’re feeling too woozy or light-headed to stand; instead, we recommend going back to Option #4 and laying down for a while.

  1. Take a shower or bath

We know from our own experiences that taking a nice hot shower or bath can really help to bring yourself down if you’re too high or are feeling the affects of cannabis hyperemisis.

Sometimes it’s not feasible but, if you’re at home, try taking a nice shower or bath and you’ll notice the water helps you relax.

  1. Distract yourself!

All of the activities that seem so entertaining and fun while high are also a great way to distract yourself while you try to come back down to Earth. Whatever distractions you prefer, make sure it’s a familiar activity that gives you warm fuzzy emotions. Your brain will hopefully zone in on the positive feelings and give you a gentle reminder that you are safe and just fine.

Bonus tip: Try some CBD

CBD is an excellent anxiety-fighting compound, and for many people it can be used to counteract too much THC. Read about CBD in our blog post CBD vrs THC.

If nothing works and you’re still feeling strong anxiety you can always seek medical attention and tell a doctor or nurse that you are having a cannabis-induced anxiety attack. This option is always available, even in states where cannabis is illegal.

From a medical perspective, physicians have your best interest in mind and want to do all they can to make sure you’re okay, even if it’s helping you come down when you’re too stoned.

Here’s a handy list for your reference:

Tip NumberNameDescription
1Stop Getting High(er)Seems obvious, but, the first step in coming down is getting any higher.

If you consumed edibles, you can’t stop your body from digesting what’s already been eaten, but you can dilute the contents of your stomach by eating and drinking more so that that digestion takes longer and releases cannabinoids in smaller amounts.
2Eat More FoodAs mentioned, food gives your body fuel to continue to digest whatever has been consumed. If it’s an edible, this will dilute the amount of cannabinoids digested at one time. Food is also a comfort that can allow us to relax when a high becomes too much.
3Drink WaterStaying hydrated can make a big difference in your cannabis experience. Your uncomfortable high could be a result of lack of water, and the side effects that come with it. Make sure to continue to stay hydrated, allowing your body to consistently flush itself.
4Counter the Terpenes with TerpenesCannabis shares terpene profiles with many other plants and fruits that are commonly enjoyed. By applying counteracting terpenes, you can reverse the process.

Options like Lavender, Lemon Juice and/or Black Pepper/Peppercorns help relax the body and potentially minimize the effects of cannabis terpenes on the body.
5Caffeine (but, not if you're feeling 'speedy')While won’t stop your high, it can help you refocus and direct your attention away from your discomfort. It can also help the brain with clarity and ward off the sense of fogginess or lethargy that comes with getting too high.
6Shower and a NapDepending on how your body reacts to cannabis, a quick shower or a short nap can allow the body to reset naturally. The quick change in temperature will jolt the brain and body, allowing you to “snap out of it”. A nap will let you “sleep it off” and is often easier after you’ve stuffed your belly full of munchies (see Eat More Food).
7Smoke Some CBDAlso derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is THC’s non-psychoactive cannabinoid cousin. CBD has been proven to naturally reduce anxiety and bring our minds & bodies back to homeostasis.

When someone has a negative experience with cannabis and gets “too high” CBD can be consumed and the person will actually start to mellow out and come back down.

CBD is extracted from the plant and consumed in many forms — the most popular being tinctures, gel tabs, gummies, topicals, patches, vape-ready oil cartridges, and distillate powder.

The Final Hit: How to Stop Being High

All of these tricks will help mitigate a high, but when it comes to how to stop being high, you’re likely going to have to simply sit it out. The best trick for stopping an uncomfortable high is never starting one; know your limits how long a high lasts for you, and consume responsibly, and you’ll never have to figure out how to stop being high.

Quick Hit: Top 7 Ways to Stop Being High

  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use terpene-based aromatherapy
  • Try a serving of caffeine
  • Take a shower and a nap
  • Try a dose of CBD
  • Distract yourself

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