Combining the romance of a rural-living experience with the sensory pleasures of a curated culinary feast, taking a tour on a real-life cannabis farm should be high on the list of any travelers who are fans of the sticky green herb. Whether you like filling your brain with industry facts, getting down-and-dirty with some practical farming activities, or kicking back and breathing deep the aromas of growing things, a visit to a cannabis farm is sure to please.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the basics of cannabis farm tourism – what to take with you, what to leave at home, and where you can book your next experience.

Why visit a cannabis farm?

Cannabis farm experiences take you into the roots of the industry, which most of us would never get to glimpse over the counter of a modern dispensary. And a really good farm tour offers so much more than just a view of the plants – curated experiences led by expert guides will allow you to learn more than you knew there was to know about the industry, including the history of the land, laws, farming practices, and the plants themselves.

Plus, activity-filled tours offer hands-on educational experiences after which you will actually get to taste the fruits of your labor. Visits with a culinary element give you an opportunity to enjoy off-the-stem cannabis, paired with farm fresh foods and a great view.

How to prepare for your cannabis farm tour

Cannabis farm visits usually involve a daytime tour that’s chock-full of educational and entertaining activities – most of which will happen outdoors. Visitors will get a chance to talk with the growers and learn about the land and the farm before getting their questions answered. A walk around the site is usually followed by some time with the plants and in different areas of the farm. At the end of the day, visitors may share a meal, grab their goodie bag, and head home.

Most cannabis farm tours promise to offer a relaxing day, as long as you come prepared. Here are a few boxes to check before heading off on your cannabis farm adventure.

What do I bring?

Here’s a quick list of a few things to keep handy before you head out.

Your ID. Cannabis consumption is restricted to adults aged 21 and over, so you should make sure you have proof of age in the form of a valid and active ID before you head to the farm. You will be expected to carry this with you throughout the tour.

A camera. You may not be allowed to take pictures throughout the tour, but most cannabis farm visits will have at least a few spots where you can snap some shots for your cannabis scrapbook, so come prepared!

A change of clothes. We all love the smell of cannabis plants, right? But as anyone who has ever worked with weed will tell you, that smell is as sticky as the plants themselves. If you’re getting up-close-and-personal with the plants, that delicious aroma is definitely going to rub off on your clothes, whether or not you notice. So before heading off to your next engagement, make sure to change out of your farm clothes and into your spare set if you’d rather remain on the stealthy side.

What should I wear?

Speaking of clothes, here are a few outfit suggestions to keep you as comfy as possible during your visit.

Outerwear. Definitely check the weather for the area of your farm before you take off. Practical, weather-appropriate jackets are a must, whether in the sun or rain.

Shoes. Cannabis farm tours tend to be a little more rustic than vineyard experiences, so wear shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty, and prioritize comfort over aesthetic. Think hiking boots, running shoes, or anything with good tread that will help you run through the rows of hemp.

Everything else. Don’t expect to be asked to throw a bale of hay, but do anticipate that you’ll be moving around a lot on your farm tour. Dress for comfort, and in clothes you can move in. 

Dos & Donts 

Finally, here are a couple pieces of key advice to take with you on your tour.

Don’t: Bring your pets. Most farms will not allow you to bring your dog onto the property, whether or not they are on a leash. Make sure Fido has a babysitter the day of your tour so you can be as present as possible.

Do: Pay attention to your tour guide. Not only do they have lots of interesting things to say about the farm and the plants, but there may be important safety and legal information about certain areas of the farm that will help you to stay well and engaged during your trip. Listen up!

Don’t: Pick anything without permission. Leave the plants alone unless you are given explicit permission to harvest leaf or flower. Touching the plants is usually okay, but leave them whole until the farmer tells you it’s alright to do otherwise.

Do: Ask lots of questions. There are no silly questions, so allow your curiosity to run wild. That’s why the tour guide is there!

Don’t: Walk off-path. Cannabis plants are more delicate than they look, and some in various growth stages may be more vulnerable to breakage. Stick only to designated paths, unless your guide tells you it’s okay to enter the field.

Do: Have a DD. Some tours involve a tasting session with our favorite green herb. Make sure that if you consume any of the plant that you have someone waiting at the drop-off point to get you safely home.

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