Sonoma County Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Guide


There’s more than just Wine in Sonoma County. In fact, we now offer the most unique Bachelorette Party you’ll ever have, our CBD-infused British-style High Tea Experience! Read More about it below!

Sonoma County is more than just the number one spot for World Class Wine, it’s home to a bounty of food choices (from Vegan to Traditional), beverages (Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and more), activities (Sightseeing, Hiking/Nature Preserves, Attractions) and, of course, Shopping!

From Antiquing to Boutiquing, from renovated Shopping Districts to Day Spas, Sonoma County has got it all. And, did we mention Cannabis? Dispensaries, Indoor and Outdoor Grows and Cannabis Production thrive in Sonoma County and your Ultimate Bachelorette Party can include Tours and Tastings!

We are Sonoma County natives and in Section One we share insights into what makes Sonoma County the place for your Ultimate Bachelorette Party. In Section Two we provide a sample Three Day Itinerary to inspire your Ultimate Bachelorette Party.

Section One: Things to Consider

When planning your Sonoma County Ultimate Bachelorette Party there are several things to consider.

There’s more to Wine Country than Wine:

  • Food and Restaurants

From world-famous dinner spots like John Ash (Santa Rosa) or The Girl and the Fig (Sonoma), to local gems like Lilly Kai (Petaluma) or Della Santinas (Sonoma), it’s all here and easy to get to!

For Causal dining there are wonderful bakeries and diners to consider for breakfast treats or a memorable lunch. Consider Sweet Pea Bakery in the City of Sonoma for breakfast or lunch, or, if you’re on the famous Sonoma Plaza, try the Sunflower Café or La Basque Boulangerie and sit outside to watch life on the Square!

  • Day Spas

Whether it’s a nature-centric adventure to Osmosis or part of a recreational shopping experience at Montgomery Village’s MeSpa, Sonoma County hosts some of the highest rated Day Spas in California.

Get your mud-bath/massage or group mani/pedi thing on! Ask your concierge if your hotel offers any group discounts!

  • Boudoir Photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re the Bride-to-Be, the BFF or the Groom’s Mom, a Boudoir Photo session creates lasting memories for everyone. Just think about the surprise of a lifetime for the Groom (you know what we mean)!

Some boudoir photographers will shoot outdoors, taking advantage of the Sonoma County landscape; a quick Google search will get you what you need!

  • Novelty Fun

As we mentioned at the beginning, there’s more to Wine Country than Wine and here’s a list of a few things we like to call Novelty Fun!

First up, have you ever had fresh, hand-made, Mexican Ice Cream? We’re guessing you haven’t, but, you can enjoy some at La Michoacana Ice Cream right outside of the City of Sonoma, in what’s called “The Springs”. Get a scoop, grab a seat on one of the benches outside and take in the culture of The Springs!

Before (or After) you visit La Michoacana, stroll down to the Sonoma Family Fun Center in the Maxwell Village Shopping Center and challenge your ‘I Do Crew’ to a round of Miniature Golf (you can go toast the winner down the street at La Roche Family Vineyards outdoor tasting patio when you’re done!)

If you’re up for something new and different, try a Cannabis Dispensary Tour with Happy Travelers Tours. Pickup is available throughout Sonoma County and the Tour visits three unique Dispensaries, one with an Indoor Grow. In addition, there’s an opportunity to consume what you purchase before enjoying a family style Mexican meal.

  • Wine Tasting

Of course, it’s almost impossible to visit Sonoma County’s Wine Country without spending some time tasting wine; our recommendation is to Book a Tour with Old Vine Wine Tours and let our sister company’s Team take you to the very best wineries Sonoma County offers.

  • Weed Tasting

If the Cannabis Dispensary Tour interested you, then, we present the MountainTop Wine and Weed Tour from Happy Travelers Tours. This unique and one-of-a-kind experience will put you and your Gal Pals up-close-and-personal with cannabis plants.

Get educated about cannabis cultivation with the grow team, enjoy a personal bud-tender retail experience with our retail partner. A catered lunch is provided along with several Bachelorette Party exclusive add-ons!

Get high up on the mountaintop and create memories which will last a lifetime with a Happy Travelers Tours Bachelorette Party experience!

  • The Happy Travelers Tours High Tea Experience

What could be more fun than sitting down to a High Tea with your Bridal Party? What if the Tea and Treats are infused with CBD? Now, that’s what we call a ‘High’ Tea! For groups of 4 or more, the High Tea Experience features:

  • Three Courses of CBD-infused Teas
  • Treat Towers filled with both CBD-infused and non-infused:
    • Sandwiches
    • Breads and Scones
    • Desserts

Read more here at The High Tea Experience!

  • Sonoma County Sights

Sometimes, sitting back and letting the world flow by the window is the very best thing to do and, when you’re in Wine and Weed Country this couldn’t be more true!

Take a day trip with Elite Excursions or Happy Travelers Tours. Visit the Sonoma Coast and enjoy Happy Travelers Tours “Sip-and-Sniff” experience while watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.

Take a ride around Sonoma County in one of Elite Excursions Sprinters and see the sights in luxury.

We’ve shared some things to consider and, hopefully, you’re now super excited about planning your Ultimate Bachelorette Party using some ideas from our list.

In Section Two, we present a Sample 3 Day Ultimate Bachelorette Party Itinerary using some of the things we’ve mentioned.

Section Two: 3-Day Ultimate Bachelorette Party Itinerary

This sample three-day itinerary presumes the in-bound Travel Day is also Day One of your event and the out-bound travel happens either at the end of Day Three or the next day.

Travel and Arrival Day – Getting to Wine Country

Day 1:

  1. Arrive SFO or OAK
  2. Limo Service to Wine County
  3. Food and Rest Break
    1. From SFO, consider a stop in Sausalito for a food and rest break
    2. From OAK consider a stop in Berkley for a food and rest break
  4. Accommodations in Sonoma or Napa
    1. Sonoma has both large and boutique hotels, and a variety of AirBnB and Cottage rentals
    2. Napa has several large (boutique and corporate) hotels, as well as a variety of AirBnB rentals
  5. Local Fun/Sightseeing/Shopping
    1. If you’re staying in Sonoma, then we recommend you spend some time decompressing from your travel on the world-famous Sonoma Plaza. Eat. Drink. Shop. People Watch. You know the drill!
  6. Dinner
    1. So many choices! Whether you’re in Sonoma or Napa the food choices are bountiful. Find a new favorite (be sure to call ahead for reservations for your Group)

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Day

Day 2:

  1. Getting Going
    1. Consider a light breakfast or mid-morning brunch; maybe have a personal Chef prepare breakfast for everyone!
  2. Novelty Fun
    1. Mini Golf and Ice Cream? Ice Cream and Mini Golf? Good Wholesome fun (before the debauchery)
  3. Wine Tasting/Luncheon
    1. Not the whole day, just some wine tasting, perhaps around the Sonoma Plaza, topped off with a luncheon
  4. Boudoir Photos
    1. Doesn’t matter if you shoot indoors or outdoors
  5. Dispensary Tour
    1. Take the Tour! See an indoor grow and purchase some Quality Cannabis, you’ll want to smoke some before Dinner!
  6. Dinner
    1. Go for Broke! Order for the Group! Enjoy cocktails and wine, it’s the Main Event of the Party!

Last Chance to Dance Day

Day 3:

  1. Getting Going
    1. Lot’s to do today, so, keep breakfast light
  2. Day Trip Options:
    1. Wine Tour Day
    2. Cannabis Farm Tour Day
    3. Dispensary and Winery Tour Day
    4. Day Spa
  3. Shopping
    1. They say shopping is fun and therapeutic, what do you think? There’s fantastic shopping, antiquing and so on in Sonoma, the Sonoma Valley and, if you’re heading back to SFO, in San Francisco!
  4. Dinner
    1. One last time to lift a Glass to the Bride!
  5. Prepare to Travel Home
    1. Pack your bags and enjoy your memories, it’s time to head home


We have shared a lot of information and ideas and we hope this Ultimate Bachelorette Party Guide has been helpful.

As Sonoma County Natives, we have access to the Party Planning resources that ensure your Ultimate Bachelorette Party is the most memorable ever! If you would like some Party Planning assistance, please email our Concierge, Jenna, at [email protected] or call 707-386-9859.

Or, Book your Ultimate Bachelorette Party today!