The post is all about the best ways to break up weed without a grinder. We’re going to talk about tools found at home, as well as ways to break up weed on the road using things you carry with you all the time. Of course, we recommend you clean any of these tools before and after use. So, if you ever find yourself with a bunch of pot and now way to process it for smoking, look no further!

Now, let’s take a look at some solutions –

  • Your Hands

Always with you, use your hands when you don’t have access to any other tools! Wash them first! I guess this needs to be said for all these alternative methods, the tools and surfaces you use should be clean to start with.

Now, if you don’t want to deal with sticky fingers AND you’re at home (or have access to a store) you can always use: parchment paper. Or gloves.

  • Pressing with Parchment Paper

One of the qualities of parchment paper is it doesn’t stick, that’s why bakers use it with sticky dough and things like that. So, you get a sheet of parchment paper, fold it and the you put the bud inside and pick it apart though the paper. Or just get your Hulk on and smash it!

  • Keys

Everyone always has a key with them and so this tool should be readily available for use. Remember: you want to clean the key before and after use as you don’t want to gum up the key’s lock! Use the key like a saw and ‘cut’ the weed using a ‘sawing’ motion … you know what to do, just try it!

  • Credit Cards

Back in the ‘bad old days’ we used to use credit cards to chop up line … er, never mind. That was a long time ago. BUT the idea is still useful. Just lay out your bud (you might want to use your fingers to break it up a bit first) and then, using a ‘chopping’ motion, use your credit card to chop it up as fine as you want it for your smoking apparatus … joint, pipe, bong or vaporizer!

  • Brute Force

Ok, so, you’re on the road (or at home) and you’ve got a bag of weed and No Tools at all so you just beat the crap out of the bag. Now, we would NEVER recommend this method as pulverizing your pot isn’t the best way to go, but, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

  • Penny and a Pill Bottle

Now, this is a trick we hadn’t heard about until doing the research for this article, but, it’s brilliant! Just follow these steps:

  1. Get a pill bottle and make sure it’s clean
  2. Put some marijuana in the pill bottle, typically, just a bud
  3. Find a penny and clean it
  4. Put the penny in the pill bottle and put the cap on
  5. Shake it. Think Martini Shaker
  6. Open to top and pour out the contents!
  • Shot Glass and Scissors

Another technique we learned about writing this story: the shot glass both holds the cannabis AND restricts the range of movement of the scissors such that you can efficiently process a small amount of weed at a time.

It might take a couple of ‘rounds’ but, soon enough, you’ll have enough trimmed pot to smoke!

  • Cutting Board and Knife or Pizza Cutter

This part of our list includes the “Classics”. Starting with a cutting board and knife or pizza cutter. Simple, yup. Effective, depends on the cannabis you’re working with. Fun? Maybe … depends on what you consider fun!

  • Cheese Grater or Microplane

You’ve got one of these in your kitchen and again, depending on what kind of marijuana you’re working with, using a grater or microplane to “grate” the bud is definitely a way to do it … again, you’re gonna have to clean everything before and after when you do this.

  • Mortar and Pestle

Another ‘brute force’ method is the mortar and pestle. This will work well with really dry weed. If it’s almost ‘crumbly’ in your fingers, then, using a mortar and pestle is a good option to not having a grinder handy!

  • Coffee Grinder

Now, in our opinion, this is a tool which everyone should have anyway. Either dedicate an old grinder to this job or get yourself a new one, but, either way, using an electric coffee grinder makes short work of process cannabis for consumption … just fill up the chamber with some weed, put the top on and GRIND that stuff up!

Here’s a table of these techniques along with categories of use, either: “at home” or “on the road”.

Technique At HomeOn The Road
Your HandsXX
Pressing with Parchment PaperX
Credit CardXX
Brute ForceXX
Penny and a Pill BottleXX
Shot Glass and ScissorsX
Cutting Board and Knife or Pizza CutterX
Cheese Grater or MicroplaneX
Mortar and PestleX
Coffee GrinderX

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