Let’s talk about Buds. Or, if you prefer, Budz. Either way we’re referring to the best part of the cannabis plant, the fully mature and ready to smoke flower, a.k.a. Buds.

As in: got any buds? Or, Get your budz here! Sometimes there’s nothing more glorious than bags of weed all lined up and ready to go. A big bag of marijuana is one of the most amazing things to behold!

Bagging weed for sale has changed over the years; in the past a triple-beam scale, a plastic baggie and some weed was all you needed. Post-legalization, the process for bagging up weed is a much more controlled process, requiring a technician to log a large container of cannabis out of the inventory system and then, in a clean-room environment, transferring the cannabis from the master container to child-proof containers or into containers which can then be sealed child-proof.

And, of course, it’s much more expensive to package cannabis post-legalization than it was in the bad old days. Let’s talk a bit more about Buds. Please refer to this graphic from Leafy to better understand the anatomy of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Plant Anatomy

Cannabis buds will form at most of the plant’s nodes. A node is where a leaf or branch grows off the stalk. The larger the plant grows, the more nodes will appear, which means your plant will have more locations where buds can grow.

Many novice growers, as well as more experienced ones, struggle with the quality of their weed buds. The plant might grow fantastically, but it just doesn’t always seem to produce the most desired results.

The following list highlights several cannabis tips which can help you improve the quality of your buds.

Source Quality Cannabis Seeds or Clone Starts

Get to work and do some research on your options: seeds versus clones. For seeds Source from a reputable seller/broker who has:

  • Genetically stable seeds
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Auto-Flowering Seeds

For Clones, it’s the same principle, you’re just looking for the Clone Starter to have the same qualities as listed above.

Grow Room Conditions

Grow Room conditions are critical to ensuring the success of your crop. The correct lighting configuration, air circulations, temperature and humidity are all mission critical. Remember, you’re trying to re-create the ‘great outdoors’ inside the space you’ve constructed as your grow room.

Provide the Proper Nutrients

You need to give it the right amount for each growth stage, especially when it’s flowering. During the flowering stage, make sure that the nutrients are low on nitrogen but rich in phosphorus and potassium.

Provide Support for the Plants

This means: either put tomato cages around your plants or rig up a plastic netting arrangement which provides places for your plants branches to grow through and rest on … this allows them to “get a break” when those buds start fattening up and adding water weight.

Harvest at the Right Time

The whole thing about harvesting is that it’s both science and art. The science is that the plants life cycle is a fixed number of days, so, you pretty much know when they’re entering their final phase. However, the way to measure “ripeness” is to examine the trichomes on your plant.

They should be standing erect with a drop of resin at the tip. The resin should have gone from a clear, transparent state to a golden or amber color state. When you see this, your plants are ready to be harvested and then cured!

Curing Your Buds

The next next stage, and arguably the most important, is the current stage. It’s in the curing process where all the terpenes get expressed and your cannabis matures into the dank you’re looking for.

To cure you need a dark room which has a constant 60 degree temperature and a 60 percent humidity. Use a dehumidifier if you have too. The curing should take between 12 and 14 days. Too fast and the weed won’t have all it’s flavor profile and too slow and the weed could get moldy.

You’ll know it’s ready when you can “snap” a bud off it’s branch and it breaks cleanly …congratulations! Now, all you gotta do is Trim it.

It’s a Lot of Work to Grow Buds

As you can tell by reviewing the short list above, it takes a lot of work to grow ‘dank’ buds. Of course, if you live in a legal state then it’s really easy to just go to the dispensary and purchase the budz of your choice!

If you’ve never been to a retailer, then just remember, at first glance, the cannabis you want should make you wish you already had a joint of it rolled up or a bowl packed. This is the weed that you’ll find on most cannabis Instagram pages. The green will pop through all the juicy trichomes. The buds should look like they were just removed from the plant, even though they have been drying and curing for the past few of weeks.

When you’ve got that kind of cannabis in hand, you’re ready to have yourself a real good time!

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