The days of your Momma’s edible marijuana brownies are way behind us – we’ve moved into a new era for edible marijuana. Everything from candy to salad dressing to infused beverages – eating cannabis is easier than ever, and that means, it’s time to get familiar with edible dosage and their effect.

Edible Cannabis: How to Choose

Edible Gummies. Edible weed gummies Edible brownies. Edible weed candy. Edible cookies. Eating edibles. And this list doesn’t even include drinking infused beverages! Bottom line: there are lots of ways to consume edible marijuana but the one thing you have to remember is: if you eat too much, you’re going to be very high. And sometimes, being THAT high just isn’t much fun.

So, you have to pay attention to the dosage amount, as well as what it is you’re actually eating. A brownie tastes good and once you’re washed it down with a glass of milk you must MIGHT want to eat another – it’s DOES taste good.

As Yoda says: Underestimate weed edibles … super high you will be!

Are edibles bad for you?

Oh hyperbole, it’s always great to hear from you. Are edibles bad for you? It’s an interesting question which deserves a few moments to consider.

When you eat cannabis, you have to account for the time it takes to digest what you’ve eaten, how ‘strong’ the dose is and what else you’ve got in your stomach. My personal preference is to smoke or vape cannabis as I can better control how high I’m getting more immediately.

When you eat an edible, you’re going to have to take the ride, as it were. And, then there’s always the chance you’ll decide you’re not feeling high and so you might eat MORE before you’re really feeling it – this can lead to lost afternoons.

Edible High Feeling and Dosage Chart

Here is a convenient edible dosage chart which also describes the effect of the edible high feeling and relates it to alcohol for reference:

2 MGThreshold of psychoactivity for infrequent users. Very little to no impairment.
2.5 MGMost report psychoactivity equal to a glass of wine or a beer. Doses in this range are popular for social anxiety, encouraging the munchies, and focus.
5 MGNearly all occasional users will note significant psychoactivity. Significant appetite stimulation. Mild psychoactivity, akin to two to three glasses of wine.
10 MGStrong psychoactivity for most occasional users. Significant distraction from pain. This dose is often recommended by physicians to stem nausea from chemotherapy. This is the strongest dose currently allowed to be sold by dispensaries in California.
15 MGMost occasional users report uncomfortable levels of psychoactivity at this dose. Regular users of cannabis do not.
100 MGThe most potent edible available in Colorado dispensaries. This is ten times the maximum THC content of the edibles permitted by law to be sold in California adult-use cannabis shops.

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